Izuhara Retsu




Imagine Person A of your OTP asking out Person B in a foreign language.


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life

Hetalia in a nutshell

Hello... can i ask u something?... did u get the song daybreak that is in ur playlist from an anime?... if so which anime??.... i searched for the song 4 an hour alrdy n still couldn't find it.... T.T

The track daybreak isn’t from an anime, but it’s used in an otome game called hatoful boyfriend.

you can find the track here 

doesn't hico not allow republications of their work???

I got permission from another translator to translate it into english, so…

Is it okay if I translate some of the EreRi DJ in french?

Sure, as long as you keep the credits

夢のまた夢―覚醒― (Endless dream -awakening-)

Part 1Source

translation by blizzard-bells

where can I find your second song?? I cant find it anywhere

It’s on youtube. Search for Kevin Macleod - Daybreak

Title: 夢のまた夢 (Endless Dream)

Source | Part 2

translated by blizzard-bells

Excuse me, can you tell me the English name of the 7th song in your playlist! I really like that song but I can't read Japanese. Thank you.

It’s called ‘itoshi sugite’